CashKing you served your country to the best of your ability from foreign to domestic threats as an special agent and then they throw away the key and now you have to survive alone the danger we face is clear and present this is not a threat this is if and then it will happen a force of nature that will take it apart from the innocent bystanders and use them as a shield. you did things for your country that you can’t even talk about. it is time to fight and earn some Cash.

CashKing is an Open World Environment where you can fight other players your updates until the game is fully complete you can invite up to 4 of your friends to join in with you 6 seasons will be published. action adventure hardcore shooter

I am pleased to present a game project that I have been diligently working on for the past 16 days. The core of this project revolves around the implementation of blueprint code, specifically within actor components. This code facilitates interactions with various objects and vehicles, as well as the functionality to destroy actors. Additionally, I have developed a custom Player State to manage the server-side player cash system count.

The Game Name is On Steam waiting to be published


Meet Dave The Protector he will make sue that you are protected by any means necessary he knows all about different weapons from rifles to sniper rifles and pistols


Meet John Your Enemy Worst NightMare John served his country to the best of his ability but then their throw the key away and took his family from him and now he wants to hunt them down

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